Who are we?

Here at Vandetta Group, we work together as one to utilize the best solutions for your ideas, to help you realize them into projects and then turn those projects into profitable businesses. We do this using our natural talent, haha! Seriously, our approach to each idea or project is to think about it as its our own. Which allow us to achieve amazing results during the processes.

We are transparent and efficient. We know your time matters and we respect it as we do for our own time. You are allowed to follow each step of our work process, from 0 to 100% and you can know exactly what is happening at each step of the development process.


Our inHouse team working as one, always from the day 1 is striving to GREATNESS! Which gives us freedom to bring the best value back to you. And if you are willing to, you are more than welcome to be with us during the process and become the part of our team. We would love to have you on board while developing your ideas.

Our philosophy

Simple, never complicate what shouldn't be complicated.

We succsesfully managed over a 2.000.000 of clients budget for their projects

Realized 80+ websites

20+ apps

Team of more then 20 people